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Authentic Korean Cuisine

Hangari Kalguksu: Authentic Korean Cuisine

Are you searching for the best Korean restaurant near me? Then you're in luck because your internet search paid off. In Los Angeles, Hangari Kalguksu prepares delicious authentic Korean cuisine. Even better? We make it easy to order online, with delivery available from 10 am through 9 pm, Sunday through Thursday, and from 10 am to 10 pm on Friday and Saturday.

You can view our full menu on our website to verify that you have indeed found the best Korean restaurant near me. If you're looking for an authentic Korean restaurant with noodle soup, you've found the place. Try our Bibim Mil-myun, a spicy dish with thin, chewy noodles in rich beef broth topped with sweet and spicy house sauce, pickled radish, a slice of beef, cucumber, and egg garnish.

If you want to try a dish that will confirm with no uncertainty that you've found the best Korean restaurant near me, then opt for one of our specialties, authentic Kimchi -SUJEBI. It's spicy. We cover the hand-torn dough flakes in anchovy and kimchi broth and top it with bean sprouts, green onion, and black pepper. Or an entrée of Bossam, with bite-size crunch cabbage leaves, sweet and spicy radish Kimchi, jalapeno, garlic, and rice complementing our delicious and tender boiled pork belly. We also offer vegan bibimbap and lots of side dishes as well.

Our mission at Hangari Kalguksu is to prepare unforgettable authentic Korean cuisine. We pride ourselves on providing excellent service and authentic Korean cuisine at a great value. If you're searching for the best Korean restaurant near me, it doesn't get any better than Hangari Kalguksu. Why not order online tonight?

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