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What is

Hangari Cares?

Hangari Kalguksu has come to many realizations during the Covid-19 crisis. After many jobs being lost, even more families have been struggling financially. In order to help and give back to the community that helped us grow into the establishment we are today, we came up with Hangari Cares.


Off Their Plate

We are very proud to be partnering with Off Their plate to support our amazing frontline heroes! This opportunity was one of the ways to help our wonderful community. Thank you to everyone who has been working relentlessly at the hospitals. Let's keep spreading positivity!

Off Their Plate is an organization that is dedicated to supporting frontline workers who serve the communities most impacted by Covid-19. For more information, please visit their website and consider making a donation where 100% of its proceeds go back into helping the community. 

Free Meals

Every Wednesday we will be providing 10 free meals to those in need. This small gesture is to relieve the financial pressure of families who are struggling. In order to be qualified for this free meal program, all we ask if that you email us at explaining your situation. Or if you have recommendations of a friend or family that you think deserves these free meals, please email us. 

Our mission is to help our community as much as we can. In doing this, we truly hope to inspire everyone else to help each other out. We are all human and need to be united especially during these trying times. Let us spread goodness and kindness into the world.




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